Family Literacy Center

Our Mission is to empower children, young adults, and their families to enhance the quality of their lives through education, support, advocacy, and opportunity. We accomplish this through appropriate neighborhood-based services.


  • Encourage community involvement
  • Remove transportation barriers that interfere with parent/child learning activities
  • Provide opportunities for voluntary work both in the Center and in the community
  • Establish a relationship between the community and town administration
  • Promote social, educational, economic, and civic improvement
  • Refer people to appropriate community service providers if unable to assist

What the Family Literacy Center (FLC) Provides

  • Access to a collection of quality, age-appropriate, learning tools for students and their families (books, computers, CD players, etc)
  • Homework help to elementary and middle school students
  • Daily snack after school
  • Parenting programs
  • Self-esteem programs
  • Teen and adult economic growth programs
  • Self-Improvement educational opportunity programs