Tax Assessor

The mission of the Tax Assessor's Office is to provide for the valuation of all real estate, motor vehicles, and tangible personal property in the Town of Lincoln. The primary objective is to discover, list, and value all taxable and exempt property, to ensure that assessments are made properly and uniformly and that the tax roll, when completed, is a true and accurate account of all ratable property in the jurisdiction.

Property Assessments vs. Taxes

Please be advised that property assessment information can only be obtained through the Tax Assessor's Office. Questions related to taxes and taxes due should be directed to the Finance Office/Tax Collections.

Tax assessments are set annually as of December 31st.

Current Tax Rates for 2023

Type of PropertyFee
Residential Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate
Motor Vehicles
Tangible Personal Property

Tax bills are mailed in July.

The quarterly installments do not correspond with the calendar period in which they are due.

  1. Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax bills cover the current calendar year. Tax Bills issued in July cover January 1st to December 31st current year. The revaluation cycle follows RI Gen Law 45-5-11.6

  1. Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
  1. Tangible Personal Property Tax
  1. Tax Appeal Process

Personal Exemptions for Real Estate

All new applicants seeking an exemption must be the owner of record and occupy residence on December 31st to be eligible for the next year’s tax roll.  Deadline to apply is April 15th of the year the exemption is to take place.  You must apply in person to the Tax Assessor’s Office.

  1. Disability $600 Tax Credit

As determined by the Social Security Administration. Must have owned and occupied real estate for 5 years. Proof of continued eligibility is required annually. Converts to Senior Exemption at age 65.

  1. Homestead Exemption - 35% off Assessed Value
  1. Senior Citizens $600 Tax Credit
  1. Senior Citizen Tax Credit Relief
  1. Stone Wall - $5,000 Assessment
  1. $5,000 Assessment for Gold Star Parents
  1. $6,000 Assessment for the Blind
  1. $10,000 Assessment for Veterans
  1. $11,000 Assessment for Disabled Veterans
  1. $11,000 Assessment for POWs
  1. $11,000 Assessment for Special Housing

Exemptions & Credits

Farm, Forest, & Open Space

Other Forms