history 1

As modern law enforcement emerged, several communities in Rhode Island created a Detective's Society.

The Town of Lincoln, however, chose to have a few constables who walked the beat, and two "jails" located at opposite ends of town.  Given the times, this system worked relatively well.  There was much less crime years back and with the assistance of the State Police, Lincoln rarely needed more law enforcement presence in the town. 

However, times change.....

A New Direction

In 1953, under Chief William Right, twelve police officers were hired to form the first Lincoln Police Department.

Seen below:  Deputy Chief Paul Gingras, Off. Alderic Peloquin, Off. William Yorkel, Off. Armand Brunette, Off. Robert Sullivan, Off. Richard Johansen, Off. Romeo Langtot, Off. William Linburner, Off. Edward Gorman, Off. George Dorian, Off. George Nickerson.

history 2

Originally, the Lincoln Police Department was located at 1572 Lonsdale Avenue and is now currently a daycare facility.  There were no jail cells located in the police department at that time and officers had to transport prisoners to Central Falls to be detained.

Officers would "share" one police vehicle (seen above) and were also allowed to use the Deputy Chief's vehicle on weekends (also seen above).

Current Times

history 3

In 1964, the Lincoln Police Department was relocated to 100 Old River Road.  It still resides at that address and shares property with the Lincoln Town Hall and Administrative Offices.

Currently, the Lincoln Police Department has 34 officers assigned throughout the police department.  This includes 20 patrolmen, 3 Sergeants, 3 Lieutenants, 3 Detectives, 2 School Resources Officers, a Traffic Safety Officer, 2 Captains, and the Chief of Police.

The Lincoln Police Department has 10 marked patrol cars for the department.  We also have a Traffic Safety SUV, a BCI Processing Van, and several marked Detail Units.

The Department may be larger now and uses newer and more scientific methods in fighting and solving crimes, but the men and women of the Lincoln Police Department are still dedicated to the same goal as the first 12 officers were in 1953; still providing the best police services possible to the citizens of Lincoln.

Whether it's on the road or in the schools, the men and women of the Lincoln Police Department serve with honor while striving to work in partnership with the community to fulfill the Department's vision of Community Oriented Policing.