Adult Programs

  1. Adult Fitness Program

Lincoln Parks and Recreation has teamed up with RAD Fitness RI introducing Fitness Tuesdays. RAD Fitness RI is a new fitness studio located at 154 Smithfield Ave Pawtucket, RI 02860. This class is an adult class (18+) and is open for everyone regardless of their level of fitness and experience! 8 week program, hosted at the Senior Center (150 Jenckes Hill Rd, Lincoln RI. 02865). This class is dedicated to help target strength, mobility, and functional movement, with using just bodyweight, and incorporating light resistance or light weights. For those more advanced, classes will incorporate more cardiovascular exercise and heavier weights.

  1. Adult Kickboxing

Adult program (18 and older) open for everyone-regardless of their level of fitness. Kickboxing/ high intensity/ interval training/ bootcamp style class. 8 week program, hosted at the Senior Center (150 Jenckes Hill Rd, Lincoln RI. 02865). 

  1. Womens Adult Pickup

Women's pick up basketball! No teams or refs! Show up for a 5v5 friendly game of basketball. Gym space TBD

  1. Dos Amigos Mens Basketball Pickup

You and a friend (amigo) register together as a unit. No player can be under 30 years old. League is limited to the first 20 units. I.E 40 players- solo players will be assigned a friend. Each game night you and your friend will always be on the same team. However, the composition of your team will change weekly. Official games will be conducted. The only standings that may be kept will be the number of times you and your partners are on the winning team. Games will be played at the Middle School.