Business/Event Licenses

The Lincoln Town Council is the licensing authority for the Town.  All licenses are subject to approval of the Town Council.  Please consult with the Town Clerk's office regarding licenses that may be required for your business/event.

All licenses are subject to:

  • Compliance with all State and Local laws and regulations
  • Town Council approval 
  • Criminal records check.  (Please note, out of state applicant(s) must request a BCI from their respective State and submit it with their application)
  • Inspections and written approval from the Zoning Official (for all) and Fire Department (for liquor only)
  • Payment of all local taxes owed to the Town

All license applications will be processed online.  The first time you access the License Portal you will be prompted to sign up and create a username and password.  Future visits to the application program will require you to log in using the name and password you've created and follow the prompts to enter your information and upload the requested documents.  Please save your log on information.

Once you have completed the online form and have uploaded the required attachments, our office will review the submission.  Notice:  if all criteria has not been met, you will receive an email information you of the missing information.

Once the approval process is completed and you have Town Council approval, you will receive an email notification that will allow you to submit payment of the license fees if applicable.  Payment can be made through the portal if you are paying by credit card.  If you are paying with cash or check, you can send payment through the mail or visit the Town Clerk's office to submit payment.  Once we receive the payment, you will receive an email notification to print your licenses from the Online Permitting Portal.

We are no longer accepting paper applications.  If you have any questions/concerns or need help registering or filling out the applications online, please feel free to contact us at (401) 333-1100 x8005 at any point through the process and we will be more than happy to assist you.

State Liquor License Applications