Lincoln RI Police Department 

Now Hiring


The Town of Lincoln is currently seeking candidates to establish a list for the position of Police Officer. All previous applicants must reapply. The deadline to apply is September 11, 2024.

Minimum Requirements

  • Applicants must meet the following requirements:
  • • U.S. Citizenship 
    • High School graduate or equivalency
    • Must pass physical (including swim), written, and psychological exams;
    • Must possess a valid drivers’ license;

    Copies of the following MUST be submitted in order to have a completed application. 
    • Birth certificate;
    • Valid drivers’ license;
    • Copy of high school diploma, college degree or GED certificate.
  • • Fit2Serve Certificates (both written and physical) dated within the last six months


Under the general supervision of the Shift Supervisor/Assistant Shift Supervisor, the patrol officer shall perform preventive patrol and other law enforcement functions aimed at protecting life and property, preserving the peace, reducing opportunities for the commission of crimes, and identifying and apprehending offenders. The patrol officer shall provide emergency and non-emergency services, while creating and establishing a sense of security in the community.


Works under the general supervision of the Police Chief, Lieutenant or Sergeant who make general assignments as to the area to be covered, specific cases to be investigated, etc. duties are performed independently and the Officer must exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies and determining lawful and appropriate courses of action.


1. Patrols in an assigned area of the Town; checks overall security of vacant homes and buildings; periodically checks business establishments and public places for violations of the law and takes appropriate enforcement action; confronts suspicious person and situations and determines appropriate action.

2. Negotiates settlements between emotionally upset and often persons involved in domestic disputes, drunkenness, break-ins, larcenies, vandalism, assaults, etc.

3. Receives dispatch orders and responds to calls for service, emergency situations and serious crimes; takes charge of crime scenes until relieved by higher authority; exercises knowledge of State laws, Federal laws, Supreme Court decisions, and Town ordinances in determining legal justification for arrest, search and seizure, protective custody, etc.

4. Directs activities at accidents and disaster areas rendering first aid and restoring traffic to normal; investigates traffic accidents to determine cause. Periodically directs traffic to assure steady flow. Stops motor vehicles, contacts drivers and issues citations for violations; makes physical arrests when laws have been violated; administers Intoxilyzer tests to determine the degree of blood alcohol in possible drunk driver situations.

5. Assists in the investigation of crimes and/or suspected criminal acts to identify, locate, apprehend and prepare prosecution of persons charged with committing crimes. Examines crime scenes to collect evidence; interviews and interrogates witnesses and suspected offenders; determines the extent of criminal activity and need for further police assistance.

6. Exercises considerable discretion in identifying police problems on the beat and working with private citizens and community groups to develop and implement innovative, non-traditional solutions, particularly to quality of life issues.

7. Completes and submits all required reports and records in conformance with department regulations and statutory requirements; conducts follow-up investigations on unsolved crimes.

8. Maintains weapons and equipment in accordance with department policy. Inspects assigned vehicles for defects, missing equipment, contraband and evidence; reports defects, damages or irregularities.

9. Assists citizens requesting assistance or information when appropriate.

10. Confers with department Prosecutor, testifies in court and at motor vehicle hearings, assists in the prosecution of cases as necessary.

11. Operates department equipment such as Intoxilyzer (when certified), traffic radar, cameras, etc.

12. Enforces municipal ordinances and State laws pertaining to the regulation and control of dogs and other animals through patrol and investigation of complaints. May have to perform these physical functions in the absence of an Animal Control Officer.

13. Performs other related duties as required.

Hiring Process:

  • Physical Agility**
  • Written Test**
  • Oral Board
  • Background
  • Psychological Test
  • Physicians Exam

  • **Please note: The Lincoln Police Department will only accept Fit to Serve certificates for the Physical Agility and Written Test portion of our testing process.  You must upload the Fit to Serve certificates with your application on PoliceApp.   The Fit to Serve certificate(s) must be dated within six months of your application.  If the form is dated prior to that, it will not be accepted.)  Fit2Serve will be hosting an additional physical and written tests throughout the upcoming months, check their website for more details.  For more information regarding Fit to Serve and their testing process, call (401) 575-7811 or email contact@fit2serveri.com 

Online applications can be filled out and submitted through www.policeapp.com 


Physical Fitness Standards can be located on the Rhode Island Municipal Police Training Academy website http://rimpa.ri.gov/   

The Town of Lincoln does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or disability

Please direct questions regarding this position to Recruit@lincolnpoliceri.com

Click here for more information and to apply for Town of Lincoln Patrol Officer.